Cute dog on rug at pet friendly Sky Hotel
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Dog on bed at pet friendly Sky Hotel

Dog on bed at pet friendly Sky Hotel

Sky Hotel: Aspen's High-Style Pet-Friendly Hotel

Dog and Pet Friendly: Sky Hotel Pampers You and Your Pet

"Denny" is our new Vice President of Pet Relations. Even though Denny is young and inexperienced, he brings a Kimpton style vitality and energy to his new position and to this hotel. (Denny was on his break when this picture was taken.)

"Denny's dad is none other than our own Head Concierge Alex Scranton. Alex found Denny in a dumpster at...where else? Denny's. Denny enjoys long walks at night under the Rocky Mountain sky. He is an Aquarius. He enjoys dumpster diving and his favorite place to sleep is in his dad's smelly sneakers.

As part of Denny's training we will be flying Denny to the Hotel Monaco Portland, to work with Dakota who is an experienced and savvy Director of Pet Relations. We are confident that Dakota can show Denny the ropes (and balls, and chew toys).

Please join with me in congratulating Denny as he assumes his new role and responsibilities.

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  • Pooper Scooper bag and walking map
  • In-room bowl for food and water
  • Doggie bed
  • All pets welcomed: Welcome board with pets' names arriving that day
  • Dog walking/sitting services available
  • List of nearby veterinarians upon request
  • Exercise area within walking distance
  • No additional charge for pets
  • No deposit required
  • No size/weight limit
  • No limit on number of pets allowed